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History does repeat...
In another thread, Zebraman wrote: Gotta love how history turns out sometimes Williamstown, Port Melbourne and Sandringham actually have very similar histories when it comes to there most successful periods. From 1939 to 1959 (18 seasons, excluding the war years) the Seagulls won 8 flags. From 1964 to 1982 (19 seasons) the Borough won 8 flags. From 1985 to 2006 (22 seasons) the Zebras won 8 flags. Other similarities include each team defeating a relatively new entrant to the VFA during their periods. In 1958 after a drawn grand final, Williamstown defeated Moorabbin in the replay after logging 3.12 with the breeze in the first term. Moorabbin were reigning premiers but had only been in the VFA a few seasons. Likewise, Waverley hadn't been in the VFA long and were reigning premiers when Port beat them in 1966. Meanwhile Sandringham beat North Ballarat in 2000 the year after the roosters first grand final (but unlike the Panthers and Moorabbin were coming off a loss). Williamstown's first flag in its era was in front of just under 50,000 at the MCG against Brunswick. Ports first in its era was against Willy in 1966 and Sandy's 1985 flag was also against Willy (one of the all time great grand finals, regardless of the result, IMO).
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