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Why cant they leave the game alone?? This is unbelievable...even from the AFL!

Cant imagine the Players Association will be happy about it, and Channel 7? Less ads on the footy - less money for them -less money for Gilligan.

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The AFL has decided not to change the length of the half time break. Appears it was Channel 7 behind it...


The sad demise of the Sandringham FC keeps going. Posted on the Sandringah FC website!

This is supossed to be a SANDRINGHAM FC Family Day!


"Bring the whole family along to this FREE community event with plenty of exciting activities for everyone to enjoy.

Have your chance to meet St Kilda Football Club AFL and AFLW Players PLUS the 2020 VFL and VFLW players will be presented on stage. Channel Nine Newsreader (and dead-set legend), Peter Hitchener, will be our SPECIAL GUEST".

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I think Sandringham are on the way out. They were a power club which still drew good crowds in the early 2000s but appear to be a shadow of their former selves.  They were poised to go stand-alone about 5 years ago but backed off, disappointing the players and quite a few departed. Ever since then, it seems to have been a steady decline. 


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Sandringham might end up playing Hampton Rovers or Hampton United. Very sad that a great old VFA club is almost gone.


Once the people running the club are outsiders they lose their way.

You need people like the ones at Willy and Port who are lifelong  dyed in the wool supporters first  to start with that have the best interests of the club at heart and not just a job and in Sandys case beholding to the mighty (LOL) AFL club.

Will be lucky to last another 5 years in my opinion!The iriony is that the ground and facilities are now very good and deserve a strong standalone club even in a lesser league..It will be very interesting to see if they wear the bastadised St Kikda jumper in the first game curtain raiser at Marvel Stadium.


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Its not just Sandy - Box Hill FC, Springvale FC and Preston FC are all doomed when the AFL decides that alignments dont suit them anymore. And its only a matter of when...

Unfortunately they have all brought it upon themselves.


Will you be at Moorabbin today to welcome the return of the mighty Saints in the "Sheila's " game Billy ???

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


I watched a few minutes on TV and it shows that how far the VFA/VFL has gone down hill when as you say  the shuelias game can get 8500 and when St Kilda Seconds / Sandringham played there last year they got about 500!