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2020 VFL Season Update: July 3

The season to start on August 1 with Coburg vs Sandringham

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With the current lockdowns and the outbreak growing I think we can kiss the 2020 VFL season goodbye,


Yep comeng It dosent look good ATM!

I know they are finding more cases due to the massive testing blitz but it wont want to get much worse or the State will have to go into lockdown again and AFAIC the public are not doing the right thing and will be to blame.

.I went shopping at the local Coles yesterday and was the only person wearing a mask and gloves and no one was really social distancing and that included Coles staff packing the shelves!

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FWIW...I know you shouldn't believe anything a politician says but Dunny Andrews said today Victoria almost certainly WON"T go into full lockdown again. I'm taking that with a grain of salt, but Victoria is so far in the red we cant afford the cost of another lockdown. 

Hopefully in a couple of weeks the infection numbers will drop and we can get on with the footy.


Hey Bearsman Dantel Andrews didint say we wouldnt go into a total state wide lockdown.

What he actually said was he was hoping to get the outbreak under conrol and not have to go to a full lockdon again!

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Thanks for the clarification Billy! I think we're still on track for footy at the moment, but even without a total lockdown new clusters breaking out in the wrong areas may be an issue. With Casey gone and Coburg in trouble with a ground, and if areas are locked down that house  the VFL clubs it wont take too many of them to cancel the season.


I think the comp is on a knife edge ATM 

I dont see why Coburg cant play at Prestons Cramer St Oval. Its ony a few kms away and should be in great nick with no training there.


The jungle drums are beating that Chairman Dan will announce a record number of new cases later today and with that will come another total lockdown.If that eventuates then its curtains for all footy in this state,hope I'm wrong.


191 cases today a new record so I think you might be right that the season dosent go ahead and we go into a full lock down again Which is the only way we will get on top of the spike!

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No footy, no pubs, no races, nothing but much of the same as I have done for the past 14 weekends.
Was looking forward to the VFL but with the massive spike of 191 cases today that was the final nail in the coffin.
Will be brushing out more of my old tapes to watch on the weekends.
Don't like McLaughlin's chances of any footy at the MCG for the remainder of this season. The AFL GF is looking more likely to be played at possibly Perth. The AFL might have no option and to swallow their pride.