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Green v Mundine
Anyone watching tonights bout? See who gets the closest... Points or Knockout and Round I reckon Danny Green, KO Round 6.
Would love to watch it, but don't have Foxtel unfortunately although hear that SEN radio coverage will be pretty good.
Green KO 5. If green doesn't knock him out by the 8th Mundine will win on points
Like most i'm hoping Mundine hits the canvas early on,but having said that i don't think Green is the fighter he was.Go with my heart not my head,Green tko in the 5th.
I will be listening to SEN with the fight due around 10pm it will happen just after VFL Show Green KO Round 9
As much as Mundine is an arrogant full of it nuisance. ive always had a soft spot for him, the bottom line is he is extremely talented, as long as his actions can keep up with his words good luck to him, Mundine; either by knockout late or on points,
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Dissapointing fight... Oh well.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

[quote="onslaught"]Dissapointing fight... Oh well.[/quote] I thought it was pretty good. Mundine showed more than i thought he had. His hands are quick and Green just couldn't get near him. Probably not worth the $50 though
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I watched the fight. Mundine was far too quick and elusive for Green. Besides the first round where I thought Green just won, Mundine would have won every other round to win easily. Mundine would thrash Marcus Beyer if he gets to fight him. Too fast for him. Mundine will now have another crack at the tall danish fighter Kessler. Can beat him if he gets another crack at him. Kessler is ranked 2 in the world. John Hopoate the finger man was very brutal in his fight. Having his first pro fight he won throwing many hard puches knocking out his opponent in the first round. He is very raw but he can sure throw them. Needs to brush his defensive skills but his power looks awesome.
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:D Mundine won because he was much quicker with his punches and Green just could not land one on him at all . Maybe Danny had better think about hanging up the gloves even though he has been top boxer in the past the time comes to all of them and best get out now before he really gets hurt. Unfortuantely we have to put up with Mundine and his arrogance until his next fight Kessler. But I must admit he did look pretty good. zebra. :(
Agree mundine just too quick, green is has a far better technique however he's getting right to the end of his career. Mundine needs to fight on confidence and it took 3 to 4 rounds get find it. Mundine tends to hold his hands low, nearly cost him a couple of times, has to neaten himself as a boxer if he is to come accross someone just as quick or quicker.