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Mundine vs. Solomin
Mundine may be an arrogant, he may nit be the sharpest in the shed, he may have 99% of men and their dogs as Critics, but geez he's got Talent. Suprised it lasted 9 rounds, i suppose Mundine was waiting for the right shot, but Solomin has got some guts. Mundine has to go over seas if he is ever going to be remembered, I bloody admire him as a sportsman, and follow him quite a bit, but would like to see him bite his tounge a little bit and do the talking with his gloves. Thoughts?? if anyone is into the boxing?
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Didn't see the fight, because my local pub were charging admission! I'd happily spend money at the Bar, but I'll be stuffed if I am going to pay additional money to watch it on an average sized flat screen.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

[quote="onslaught"]Didn't see the fight, because my local pub were charging admission![/quote] That is one of the most ridiculous things ive ever heard! how bloody thoughtless are they!