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Round 3 vs Werribee
Couldn't get on the admin site so just thought I'd post here. Although the Bullants lost, their performance was more than creditable against one of the best sides in the competition. The loss of Michael Hooper in the third term hurt the Bullants. Already stretched by Werribee's tall forwards, they were forced to switch Setanta O'Hailpin down back, leaving Digby Morrell as the only marking option up forward in the last term. Generally Morrell had an ordinary game and with a contribution from him it's reasonable to say that the Bullants would have won. Three early last quarter goals saw the Bullants get out to a seven point lead but Werribee's overall strength up forward was the difference between the two sides. Despite struggling early James Podsaidly was a major factor in Werribee's 18 point win. After kicking only one goal in the first half, he was shifted to full-back in the third term but found himself back up forward in the last term with Sam Pleming as his opponent. Justin Crow was now on Tim Walsh, it's easy in hindsight but maybe the Bullants coaching staff underestimated Podsaidly who had kicked eight goals the previous week. Werribee are an impressive side and have a good VFL list. First year players Chad O'Sullivan and Salim Hassan were good, with O'Sullivan close to best on the ground. Kicking for the goal the only blight on their games with O'Sullivan finishing with 1.3 and Hassan 0.3. Kade Simpson, Josh Vansittart and David Clarke all had good games for the Bullants. The Bullants return back to Preston this week and need a win against Port Melbourne. A 2-2 record after four games would set the club up for a good season as they've had a very tough early season draw.
You are right - the Bullants had the draw from hell in the first few weeks, Unfortunately that sort of performance could occur a bit - not a lot of experience to back up the strong and enthusiastic performances ofthe youngies. Often they just don't know how to win a game. How did Setanta go? He was named in the ruck against probably the tallest combo in the game.