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Digby Morrell signs on with the 'ants
Apparently Diggers, will play again for the Bullants, signing on just recently with Preston for the 2006 season.
Terrific signing for the Ants. To have a guy like that be available for all 22 games and be a leader... will be good for the club.
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I was talking to a mad Carlton supporter on Saturday who couldn't believe that Carlton had delisted Morrell... I said I'd love Sandy to chase him.... An excellent signing for Preston

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

I still find it surprising that Digby got flicked when others survived. However, he is a marquee player for the Bullants.
[quote="crashlander"]I still find it surprising that Digby got flicked when others survived. However, he is a marquee player for the Bullants.[/quote] Yes, as a Carlton supporter i was shocked when he got the flick, he can play a very similar game to Lance Whitnall and with Lance playing down back he would go handy in the forward line. Especially with Waite and Fisher out injured.
I don't think Digby has quite the form he had last year, but he adds stability, leadership and experience to a very young forward line. A lot of the youngsters could do well to see how Digby plays.
What was everyone thought of Morrell this season? I think he has been agreat pickup for the Bullants and have been impressed with the on field leadership he has shown this year, same thing can be said for Harford as well.
Certainly Harford has been great for them. Would clearly be their best performed player at this stage. I would suggest, contrary to Benny's view, that Diggers would be a thorough dissapointment, given what he is costing them.
Why do you think Diggers has been disappointing? In my opinion, he has been far from disappointing.
Whenever i've seen Preston, he's been great. A lot of strong marks, and we should wait until the finals have come and gone before we make a judgement. Kicked nearly 30 goals or so, but they don't rely on him. At this level, he's a bit like a Barry Hall, chipping in with 3-4 goals, but always creating and working hard up the ground. Love to have him at Box Hill.
While he probably won't win the Liston this year, Digby has been a serious contributor pretty much each week. The Bullants would be crazy to let him go come season's end - I am sure they won't given any say in the matter. In fact, the Bullants have to be very happy with their older players this season. They are playing well and giving perfect role models to the heap of kids running around each week.