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[quote="bobbyborough"]That is a fact about laidley & it is no cop out .Just ask Saadhi Gazhi. Laidley didnt careabout Port Melbourne team structure only about the kangaroos.If you think laidley is good how come Frankston didnt go into a alliance with the kangaroos. Go Borough![/quote] Thats my exact point bud. Its not necessarily the Coach that is the problem, its the alignment in most cases. and BTW, I don't think I'll be getting too much coaching advice from Ghazi, thanks all the same.
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In my part time taxi driving job I picked up a very well known ex AFL player and coach in Port Melbourne last Sunday...we got talking about the VFL and I asked him about Port Melbourne and the problems with the alliance...he attributed the problems directly to the Port Melbourne President... It was an interesting discussion...and it was good to see a different perspective from someone who would still be very much in the know...

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

Peter Saultry is the problem? Any more information you want to tell us?
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Dont really care about the alliance port had with the kangaroos ,we are happy to be a stand alone club in the V.F.L. It was a board decision at port to sever ties .It will take a few years to form a strong finals team .It can be done ,look at what Frankston has done good luck to them in this years finals. We at port are happy in the direction we are going it takes hardwork.The alliance with Sydney Swans was a great alliance but unfotunately only it was too costly for the swans to send down players. I know the port president and any decision he makes must go through the board.I have supported the borough since 1960 and I am a player sponsor of the club, they have my support. I hope tassie & north ballarat dont get into the same problem.Most may need a alliance but we dont at port at the time. Go Borough!
Strong rumours doing the town that Tassie and North Melbourne could be all over. Will make it interesting for Ballarat. Lets see if the have the balls to hold their ground.
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With the North Ballarat Rebels undefeated and a whopping percentage, there should be a few good kids coming out of this lot that miss out on being drafted by afl clubs. North Ballarat would be crazy to go with North Melbourne on a full alignment. North Melbourne reserves to play in the QAFL or bring back the Murray Kangaroos. Who cares where they play.
In today's Indside Football Tasmania General Manager Scott Wade said "We have an argreement that we'll review the arrangement by no later than October and that's what we'll do."
With regards to the alignment I have been impressed so far this year because it definately has looked like there isn't any sort of issues or that sort of thing like that was with Port Melbourne.
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So what were the issues at port with the kangaroos you seem to know more about it than us at port ,dont believe what you read in the media or other sources. Go Borough!
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Thought this was an interesting statement made by Scott Wade, GM from the Devils [quote]He also said Tasmania would push to be represented as a single entity in a mooted 2008 State of Origin series to celebrate 150 years of Australian rules football. ``We're even considering playing a state game next year and there is some discussion of a state game against Queensland,'' he said. ``It would include Devils players, but it wouldn't include any AFL-listed players -- should we choose to remain aligned.''[/quote] Sounds like they are still considering whether or not to continue the alignment.