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True, but according to the new edition of Inside Football the Bullants are hard at work preparing a discussion paper because they still want to be aligned to Carlton. Did anyone else read that?
Sorry didn't read that, but if Carlton were to Go seperate ways. If not, who is left?? Port Meblourne i doubt would want them back, particularly after the hard work done! Maybe consider though as is only half the players Not sure if Nth Ballarat would want a Full Kangas list. Don't think the Kangas can afford to go it alone? Peter Schwabb only hinted that Collingwood and Carlton may be the only two that stand alone?
Its official. Announed in Hobart today that the Devils and Roos are splitting. Here is the link to media release from AFL Tasmania
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How long will the Roos have to finalise their arrangements for next year? Good move from the Devils though. They might actually regain some spectator support.


Has anyone had any more whispers on any of the following?? - Carlton/Bullants? - Kangaroos options/likelihoods? - Frankston/Port Melbourne as poosibilities?? - Tassies needs to stay in the VFL comp, and the VFL's position on both having them in the comp, and meeting Tassies requirements?