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VFL Semi-Final Tips
Lets all have a shot at tipping the results for the weekend... My tips in bold: [b]Northern Bullants[/b] v Frankston [b]Geelong [/b]v Nth Ballarat
Bullants and Geelong should win, but the first week threw up two surprises. Maybe another is in store on the weekend. Bullants' 10 looks a bit thin because of injuries but Carlton group is strong. Cats look to have too much class
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I'll go for the two outsiders Frankston and North Ballarat. Frankston to win by 3 goals with Edwards kicking 5 for a total of 102 goals. North Ballarat to win by 15 points with Le Cras and Saunders each kicking 3 goals. The weather for the weekend will be wet so by Sunday Teac Oval will be pretty heavy. I think the two outsiders Frankston and North Ballarat will be harder at it than the Bullants and Geelong.
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Frankston are playing top footy and the incentive of Edwards kicking 100 goals will stir up the whole team to a hard fought win,but a much better Bullants team this week will make it very hard for them as they were not the top of the ladder for nothing. Gelong should have too much allround strength for the plucky Roosters who will try their hearts out but the Cats bigger men look too good on paper. go zebs zebra :wink:
Bullants and Geelong
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Frankston (not sure whether the Mitchell thing at the Bullants will unite or divide them). Geelong. Not by much against a competive Roosters side.


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agree with Onslaught about the Mitchell controversy...may be a blessing in disguise for Preston...or a noose around their neck,,,,, However I think that Preston just may get home.....but I'd like to see Edwards get his 100th goal.. and Geelong to beat North Ballarat

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