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How about Geelong having a 12/10 rule next year ??? Disgraceful rule that is a farce. VFL- Get Geelong right will you. They robbed Port Melbourne a few years back but the zebras will cane them next week no worries. Better if Geelong was aligned to a revamped Geelong West with the roosters topping up the vfl listed players. Games to be played between the following grounds- Drysdale (1 game) Geelong West (3games) Kardinia Park (3games) Reid Oval Warrnambool (1game) Hamilton (1game) Ocean Grove or Torquay or another ground up to scratch in the area (1game) Stuff the current system, it is crap and rigged. The way it is they might as well play all Geelong AFL listed players. Even play Geelong AFL team, might as well. An even playing field and a proper comp. Get fair dinkum will you VFL. Even the comp some how ??? 12/10 rule or better still 10/10 rule EVERY ROUND for the season NO IFS No BUTS !!!!!
I was watching part of the Willy/Cats game at Wangaratta yesterday and compared to the crowd at Wangaratta on Saturday, I would have estimated it closer to 7,000. The crowd at Wang was 7,000 and both ground have a similar look. The Wang Showground is longer due to bicycle track around it see pic link below [url][/url]
Great crowds for both preliminary finals . Was at the Willy v Geelong clash yesterday and had a top day out which would have been better if port/vfl actually catered properly for a large crowd. I mean one bar and one food seller for a finals crowd was a bit of a disaster. If you want to encourage people to return to the vfl , at least don't treat them like mugs when they get to the ground! Port have more people working there during the home and away games. Enough whining . Hope it's a good game on sunday. See you there!