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Radio coverage
A cast of thousands calling the big game. Will posters stick with SEN or Casey Radio, or try AW, KRock or LO?
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I'll go to the game and support SEN by listening to them
I'll flick b/n Casey (if I can pick it up) and SEN. It might be SEN's last VFL call. I reckon they've done a good job. I'm not a Pickering fan but I like Schwarz and the fella who does the stats is pretty thorough
Good question. I can't pick Casey Radio up when at Princes Park so thats not an option. I'm not really a fan of the SEN call, its basically like two blokes calling a game on a couch in front of the TV. No special comments person but two boundary riders...I don't understand that. If they try calling AFL with no 'expert' then they won't register a bleep on the ratings. Surely there is a VFL coach or experienced player who could be used in that role for finals as they did with Adam Houlihan last year. But I suspect I'll listen to the ABC or 3AW. Normally they use a VFL coach in the special comments role and I like that insight. Then again I might just listen to the fans and ditch the headphones!
You make some good points as usual, chief. SEN should use somebody like Barry Mitchell or Damien Christensen in the box. The advantage SEN will have over its rivals is that it knows the form and knows the players. I'll defend Schwarz - he's entertaining and he's not afaid to say what's on his mind - but you can say what you like about the other fella. But, as you say, maybe the roar of the crowd will be better listening.
[quote="theobserver"].............or Damien Christensen in the box. .............[/quote] :lol: :lol: You have a very well developed sence of humour.
Thought that would get a nibble out of you, chief. :wink:
[quote="theobserver"]Thought that would get a nibble out of you, chief. :wink:[/quote] Only just. :wink: The biggest impact Old Mr 16.6% has had in this competition was on the wall of coaches box at Frankston Park.
If you keep making fun of him he might save his next donkey kick for your backside, chief :wink:
[quote="theobserver"]If you keep making fun of him he might save his next donkey kick for your backside, chief :wink:[/quote] I doubt that so very much.
Not a fan of Christensen Dolphin ? What's your problem with him ? I would've thought you'd be supportive of blokes who want to keep young talent in the competition.