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Passing of Terry Smith
Former Richmond, St Kilda and Oakleigh VFA player Terry Smith has sadly passed away aged 47. Unfortuately he lost his short fight with cancer. Smith played in Richmond's 1980 Premiership team.
Sad news. He was a very tough and committed footballer. I remember a game at Oakleigh when someone - it might have been a Waverley player - had a swing at him and Terry very smartly put him back in his box. He got the most out of himself, which is all that you can aspire to. I know all his old Richmond and Str Kilda teamamtes had a big turn for him at a pub a few weeks ago.
Yep, I read about that turn and they were plans to organise some sort of fundraising function being planned as well although don't know if that actually eventuated.
I recall watching him play in a televised game against Sandringham in early nineties and he played his heart out that day. Was he captain coach ? He was one of a small band of very good players (Dyson, Michelson, Cunningham, Owen, Garbuio, Pretto) that Oakleigh had back then. This news reminded me of another past Oakleigh player, Peter Watts, who passed away a couple of years back, also from cancer. I think he was a lower profile player in the late 70's and early 80's, but who I understand was Oakleigh's best player in the famous relegation clash with Sandringham in 1976.
Terry Smith was in his last year at Richmond after crossing back from St.Kilda when i went to my first ever footy match as a wide eyed 5 year old.Through my dad, I've always known about past players, especially premiership ones. Watched the 80 GF many times. Very sad to hear, especiallly the speed at which the cancer got him.
Yep, the Oaks had some good players when Terry Smith was there. Mickey Owen was a great player, very tough and very classy. Dandenong's Dean Burnell shaped up to Mick on the forward flank at Shepley Oval in 93 or 94 and Mick went bang, bang in the blink of an eye. Peter Watts was also a damn good cricketer; played for many years at McKinnon.