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1 - Originally followed Prahan NFI why ...... just did Didn't really care too much earlier on, just went to whatever games and had about 4-5 teams I didn't mind. mates followed willy but the skunks alignement left a sour tatse in my mouth, dont care either way really. 2 - Have a soft spot for the Burra, Grandad lived in Port in the early days and was a mad burra I'm told, the old man consequently followed them also. 3 - Coburg (Richmond alignement) say no more So if Coburg go out early it will be Burra all the way for mwah ........ Frankston is OK too
1.grandparents,parents,and myself all born in port,didnt really have any soft spots for other clubs,just felt sorry for the teams in second division that always seem to cop a hiding.
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Sames a Jason...born in Sandy...well lived there from day street back from the TBO...then when I was 11 we made the big move to 3 streets back from TBO.... and never had a soft spot for any other team...but always felt sorry for Box Hill as they always seemed to get flogged week in week out

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

I`m a newb. Chose the Borough cos there`s a bit of a link through the club i played for. The AFL is shitting me. Loving this comp, it`s REAL footy. My old man played quite a few games for oakleigh, but i was just a shaver then and don`t remember much