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Victorian Premier Cricket Rounds 2 and 3
It is a double header weekend of one dayers this weekend [b][u]Results of Round 2 Games Played yesterday[/u][/b] Dandenong 171 lost to Ringwood 8/172(Osborne 52*) Carlton 7/194(Buszard 60,Sealey 3/25,Huckett 3/35) def Prahran 121(Austin 4/20) Essendon 133(Bryant 51,Cairns 4/22) lost to Frankston Peninsula 5/134(Clements 53*) Fitzroy Doncaster 4/254(Dickson 118*,Sheehan 54) def Richmond 154(S.Taylor 56) Hawthorn Monash Uni 8/279(Sillence 83,Tormey 73*) def Footscray Edgewater 232(Brohaska 87) North Melbourne 8/198 (McDonald 60,Brown 51,Carson 5/25) def Geelong 8/187 Northcote 6/221(Gloury 61) def Casey South Melbourne 8/219(Hussey 63,Hansen 62,O'Shea 3/44) Melbourne 111(Beer 3/13,Babula 3/22,O'Brien 3/28 ) lost to St Kilda 2/112 Melbourne Uni 7/254(Sanders 91,Simpson 65,Rafter 3/50) lost to Camberwell Magpies 6/255(Hill 90,Parker 60*,Bray 51) [b][u]Round 3 Games played today(1 day game-11am start)[/u][/b] Melbourne vs Dandenong at Albert Ground Prahran vs St Kilda at Toorak Park Essendon vs Carlton at Windy Hill Richmond vs Frankston Peninsula at [b]Noble Park[/b] Footscray Edgewater vs Fitzroy Doncaster at Merv Hughes Oval Camberwell Magpies vs Hawthorn Monash Uni at Camberwell Sports Ground Ringwood vs Casey South Melbourne at [b]Croydon[/b] Northcote vs North Melbourne at [b]Central Reserve,Glen Waverley[/b] Melbourne Uni vs Geelong at Melbourne Uni Venues in Bold are games being played at neutral venues
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Go the Northcote Dragons !!!
[b][u]Results from games played today[/u][/b] Melbourne 8/211(Kent 64,Fairbanks 3/40) def Dandenong 110 Prahran 191(O'Brien 4/29) def St Kilda 137(Jones 5/24,Seymour 3/38 ) Essendon 7/205(Bryan 58,Berger 53) def Carlton 196 Frankston Peninsula 6/207(Wiese 50,Nash 3/24) lost to Richmond 7/208(C.Taylor 62,Sartori 57,Groves 5/42) Footscray Edgewater 9/254(Lindsay 103,Maxwell 3/54) def Fitzroy Doncaster 225(Green 4/43) Camberwell Magpies 256(Bray 51,Extras 40,Miller 3/56) def Hawthorn Monash Uni 208(Sillence 103,Gribble 4/29) Ringwood 8/233(David King 102,Hawking 4/38 ) def Casey South Melbourne 147(Walsh 4/21) North Melbourne 8/193(Salpietro 65*,Hoare 3/29) lost to Northcote 4/197(Carlson 104*) Melbourne Uni 8/267(Chilton 113) lost to Geelong 7/269(Peake 63,Elliott 61,Finch 60) I was at Noble Park today. A fantastic win by the undermanned Tigers (5 players missing due to representative commitments and injuries). Well Done to our English Import Chris Nash who stepped in as captain for Richmond today just 36 hours off the plane. Round 4 is another One Day Game next Saturday
How was Saturday Robbo? And have the Casey boys been out and about - hows the coverage been fellas?