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I did attend to the Yarraville FC reunion. Very good night and great turnout at the Williamstown RSL. David Thorpe spoke well and these days lives in QLD. His son coaches somewhere in QLD. Les Twentyman was one of a couple of speakers.
The biggest player ever in vfa history Bruce 'The Frog' Riches was there. Story has it he was so big that two Brunswick players tried to tackle him the Frog was carrying them on his arms.
I showed some footage albeit 4 1/2 min of the 1953 VFA GF Port v Yarraville and there was one who played in it last night. His name escapes me but will post it when I remember it. These reunions are great when you hear the stories and goings of a footy club. Also there is footage from the 1979 lightning premiership final between Yarraville v Sandringham which was played at 1pm before the Coburg v Geelong West GF.
Hopefully I will get a copy and pass copies to the zebra faithful Zebra and Zebraman. I haven't seen it as yet but someone from Yarraville has a copy.
John Heron did a great job in organizing this as well as a great historical look on the website. Apparently their will be a new look website for Yarraville Seddon and even heaps more pictures.
CGull there was no appearance from the great man Sharpy.

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I know port had the back to port day last year & had a fantastic turnout!