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Port v Frankston (practice match)
Not a bad game at Port, but the ground needs a bit of work, and the wicket area was a bog. Frankston lost Ash Eames early, which the middle may have had a bit to do with. In seconds, Port got over the very young Frankston side by something over 10 goals. In the seniors, the scoreline of [b]Port Melbourne 10 9 69 Frankston 15 16 106[/b] suggest Frankston may still have a bit to offer this season. I would have thought with the mega spending over summer, that Port would have been ready to go, and have a bit to shopw Frankston, but I'll take a 6 goal win at any time of the year. Its only a practice match, but was the first game for Pollard, Roberts, Berry and Clarke, so they will be better for the run. Both sides had a few players to come back yet, but with Eames lost early, and Kennedy, Adkins, Forsyth and Rebeschini missing from Frankston's best 22, Dolphins supporters still have a bit to look forward to.
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