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Rd 15 Reserves - Port Melbourne v Northern Bullants
Travelling back from the country I only managed to see the last quarter. The Bullants pulling away at the end of the game to post a good win. For Port, there were some regulars amongst the better players, who will probably get senior game time before the seasons end. Allen in particular has been amongst the best on a number of occasions and in my opinion should be given a chance in the ones soon. Carroll and Johnstone have both played a handful of games, and Ghazi will almost certainly play J.P, Dwyer and possibly DeBruin before seasons end. Both have been regularls amongst the bests in 2006. Port Melbourne vs Northern Bullants (13.12-90 - 21.12-138) Sun 23/Jul 11:10 AM at TEAC Oval [b]Port Melbourne 4.1 5.2 8.7 13.12-90 Northern Bullants 4.3 10.9 15.11 21.12-138 [/b] Port Melbourne Goal Kickers: S. Allan 4, B. Iezzi 3, K. McGlynn, T. King, C. Cain, R. Thomas, J. Plymin, R. Monteath Best Players: J. Plymin, M. Carroll, S. Allan, G. Johnstone, S. De Bruin, B. Iezzi Northern Bullants Goal Kickers: D. Batson 5, E. Murray 3, A. Raso 3, A. Fahour 2, M. Hooper 2, M. Lord, A. Hodgson, V. Siciliano, J. Edwards, B. Micevski, S. Musca Best Players: P. Bower, M. Hooper, E. Clarke, J. Edwards, D. Batson, E. Murray
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