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VFL TV Coverage

Looking at the figures of this years TV ratings for VFL on the ABC it's been doing quite well my question is it time for more TV Coverage?

Could the ABC cover 2 games a week like they do at finals times ?

1 game per week is not enough lets be honest...

Back in 2000 and 2001 C7 sport and also WIN 9 covered games.

Does anyone recall on channel 31 there was a highlights show featuring games from all the rounds back in 2000-2002 I would be interested to know who produced this show ?

So to put it back to the VFL fans on this board what coverage would you like to see in the future ? More suggestions from people the better.

VFL Radio do a fantastic Job why not turn this coverage into a TV Production ?

Would a replay of the match of the day Sunday or Monday night interest fans ?

Or could it go back to the 80's and broadcast the last 4 rounds leading into the finals ?

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