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What are your expectations for your team in 2024?

As the season gets closer what do you guys think of your teams chances this year at this early stage? Most recruiting has been done and we are starting to get an idea of how our teams will look.

From the outside it looks that Willi and Port have recruited extremely well and should be the biggest improvers, with Willi a good flag hope. Would expect much the same as the last few years for Frankston, Preston and Coburg who don't have the personnel to compete with the top teams, but favourable draws should help them each get more wins on the board.

I'm a little disappointed with Frankstons recruiting again, we have signed some 'handy' VFL and  local players, but yet again our best players have bailed out and we are still relying on improvement from the young guys.  Until we can find a way to retain our top tier players its going to be an uphill battle. 


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Modest expectations this year. Player retention has improved and our recruiting is better than last year (which from memory was mostly just undrafted u19s players who admittedly were handy pickups), but once again we've lost some of our best players. I think we've got a solid team and a coach with some good credentials, but I'm prepared for the possibility that we'll struggle at first while everything takes time to click. 

I am expecting improvement this year in terms of wins, however. Although we've lost some important players, with the ones we've retained and some handy recruits we've picked up, I aee no reason why we shouldn't at least be competitive again. Especially with the changes to the fixture and the extra home game. One thing that Jackson Kornberg emphasised when he first spoke at the club was making our home ground a fortress where other teams feared playing. So I do think we should be getting more wins on the board and getting out of the bottom four. Showing that we have some growth factor is important, both for attracting new players and new members in the coming years.

I'm optimistic about our future, but what matters most in my opinion is what happens post-season. Player retention has improved, but we need to hang on to the bulk of our players or we can expect to slip into the bottom four again. As far as off-field personnel go, I think Jackson Kornberg and Fraser Bayne are exactly the people we need. The next step will be building some stability in our actual playing list.

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Great assessment UTD.

At Port, I'm feeling pretty bullish about 2024. I think our additions have depended the list. We had a few quality players on the list last year that fell out of favour or didn't really invest themselves in the club and I think that hurt us in 2023.

Voss is one of the ex-AFL additions (of which there are plenty) who is likely to be selected by Fremantle so we won't actually see him take the field.

The loss of Naismith won't hurt us as much as some people may have suggested. We lost games despite his ruck dominance and won games when he was unavailable.  Lots of hit outs that weren't to advantage didn't get much scrutiny.

Naismith going provides great opportunities for players like Flockhart and Hoffert to develop and have more influence not just in the ruck, but across the ground. 

Lentini hardly playing wasn't a huge loss, as his disposal could really let us down and hurt us on the rebound. 

Port have focused on selecting players who will buy in to the team ethic and I think the mix of local and AFL talent should provide a lot of excitement and cover some of the 'positional deficiencies' we saw last year.

Off field  I think there is a renewed excitement from supporters and we should see an improvement on crowd numbers with some better fixturing. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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I'm reserving judgment on the Dolphs a bit. We've been to training a few times over summer and there is a similar vibe to this group as we had in 2021 when we were firing before the season was abandoned. That came from a team that began with virtually no expectations, like this one will. One thing I've liked at training is that there are some big boys among the new blokes, and they all appear to be able to play a bit. One of our weaknesses over the past few seasons has definitely been not having enough height and strength around the ground. I'd love to give you more detail on these fellas, but I haven't seen any kind of team list to even know their names yet. If it gels, making the play-in finals are a possibility. Hope springs eternal in February eh!

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Has been hard getting to know every new player, especially since some of them haven't gotten a formal announcement. Hopefully photo day comes along soon and the club updates the website so I can put names to faces.