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Who's had a chance to watch Port's twos this season?

Just wanting to get some feedback from some of you have managed to see a fair chunk of Port's reserves this season?

Who has been travelling well?

I've only seen a few last quarters this year (frustrating!).

Players that I reckon have impressed me a few times I've had the chance to watch are:

Zack Senstock
Will DeBruin
V Sciliano (played a few senior games)
M Suckling (played a few senior games as well)
Luke Casey-Leigh

How are Tim Martin and Luke Kyriakedis (spelling) going?

Martin's got a tough gig as a tall, with so much height on the list this season. Kyriakedis popped up for one senior game last year from memory, but looked like he wasn't ready to make the step up at that stage. How has he fared in 2009 so far?

Anyone else ..

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