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Sounds like this could be an area that the club focus on in the future.

AN AREA more than twice the size of Docklands is to be opened up for inner-city housing under an ambitious plan to be launched within months by the Baillieu government.

About 200 hectares of land around Fishermans Bend - now a light-industrial area of factories and vacant lots near West Gate Bridge - is to be transformed into a suburb housing tens of thousands of people.

Planning Minister Matthew Guy has told The Age he will establish an Urban Renewal Authority in the next four months to oversee a 20 to 30-year plan for the area.

''The Kennett government had a vision for Docklands, the Cain government saw [a vision for] Southbank - and now the Baillieu government has a vision for Fishermans Bend,'' Mr Guy said. ''It's a big challenge and it will be a big legacy, but it's one I think we have to get right now.''

He said it would be ''a suburb of high-density accommodation that is unlike anywhere we've seen in Australia''.

The project fits in with the government's stated policy of refocusing some urban growth from Melbourne's fringes to its heart - a policy that state-owned developer VicUrban is to be involved in implementing.