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Not much coming out of the Bullant Nest
It has been an interesting time of year - always is when the draft is over and the recruiting steps up the pace. However, the Bullants, like always, have barely been mentioned. Now there isn't a lot of money to flow in Bullant land, but the club has picked up Daniel Harford (if his body holds up), Anthony Franchina (likewise) and Digby Morrell. Now, if it were me, I would at least give some air time to this. These guys could be really important leaders (especially considering how young Carlton's list is). However, there has barely been a squeek in the media since Morrell was signed, months ago. Granted that many clubs keep their recruiting cards close to the chest, but the lack of media focus is not the sort of thing that promotes the club. Other clubs (like Port Melbourne or Sandringham) get media coverage and are very willing to let their supporters know who has signed up. Why not the Bullants? And they are not alone either. There are a couple of other clubs out there who appear to be realy media shy. With the VFL trying to promote itself and its identity, I can only consider this a very backwards looking step that costs clubs money, supporters and influence. What do the rest of you think?
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Well maybe the Bullants with the exception of Harford, Franchina, Morrell have struggled to recruit, and their list will be mostly made up of kids out of the Northern Knights. If they have picked up other more established players, well I guess its a case of them not wanting to build up supporters expectations, or their publicity officer not doing much of a job!


I wouldn't expect much of Harford. That's offset by Morell however.
Can't agree more, the local press haven't even covered the Morrell signing yet and until reading the newsletter today I didn't know that Harford was actually going to play! I'd say the publicity problem is coming from the clubs end.
Can't help but agree. In fact, I think it was worse last season. It was like recruiting was something that was a state secret. Definitely not the way to increase supporter numbers, nor the interest of those already interested.