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Port SANFL push?
I decided to move this to its own thread... There has been a bit of discussion/rumour regarding this on other threads.

In relation to the SANFL rumour... Here's the channel 9 segment. Thanks to NTRabbit from Bigfooty for youtube video.

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Oh my god! I dont wont this to happen. I love the footy. Ill be so upset and Devastated if there will be no Port footy left. :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :((

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3 others?

Williamstown, NB & Werribee?

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Who cares?The current VFL is only a loose mismatch grouping of teams at the behest of the AFL with very little in the way of history or support to compare with real comps that are well funded like the SANFL.
Port,Sandy and Willy would most likely be better off.