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Round 10 - Coburg v Port Melbourne
RESERVES Coburg Tigers 2.3 2.8 3.8 5.13 (43) Port Melbourne 5.3 8.8 17.11 22.14 (146) BEST: Coburg Tigers: Caruso Crouch May Chambers Briggam Limbach Port Melbourne: Gilham Bloom McMahon Dwyer Aloi Pinwill GOALS: Coburg Tigers: Monteath 2 Lagozzino Darby Limbach Port Melbourne: Gilham 6 Pinwill 4 Bonaddio 2 Rudd 2 Bloom 2 Dwyer 2 Moran 2 Aloi Jones REPORTED PLAYERS: Coburg Tigers: Andrew Briggs (Coburg Tigers) for using abusive, insulting, threatening and obscene language towards umpire. Game started in the rain, and ended in sunshine. Never really a contest, the third term Port put the foot down and kicked nine goals to one and ran out 103 point winners. For Coburg, Natale Caruso impressed. He mopped up well in the backline. Brett Chambers presented hard all day, got his fair share of the ball up towards the wing, Andrew Briggs did a terrific job on Gilham and led the backline well in the first half but was carded off and reported in the third quarter, leaving Coburg a man down. For Port, Andrew Gilham got plenty of the ball up forward in the second half. I thought Adrian Bonnaddio in the wet took some strong grabs still. Toby Pinwill given too much latitude and ran amok, and Scott McMahon reads it so well and gave plenty of drive off half back. Big difference between the two sides. A 3-2-1 best on ground: 3 Scott McMahon 2 Toby Pinwill 1 Adrian Bonnaddio SENIORS Coburg Tigers 3.1 11.3 12.7 16.9 (105) Port Melbourne 4.5 6.6 12.9 16.11 (107) BEST: Coburg Tigers: Rix Hyde Houlihan Morrison Schultz Houlihan Port Melbourne: Robbins Harvey Stevens Perkins McKernan Watson GOALS: Coburg Tigers: Houlihan 5 Houlihan 3 Schultz 2 Jorgensen 2 Pattison Hartigan Polo Rayson Port Melbourne: Harvey 7 Schwarze 3 Stevens 2 Hazell 2 Watson McIntosh I'll leave Port to Onslaught but it was The Shane Harvey show. He took Brad Rayson to the cleaners. Flood tolerated that match up for a while, and it proved fairly costly. 7 goals. Stevens and Robbins also important players for the Borough. For Coburg, Michael Rix good to see him named best on ground, he put in a solid performance in defence. I don't think he's all that familiar with that position, but the big fella handled it well on Sav Rocca. Chris Hyde in the midfield put in a class performance, Shane Morrison was awesome in defence and Adam Houlihan with 5 goals plus a few misses was dangerous up forward. Close contest, Coburg a really gutsy effort. Some terrific acts of desperation near the end in a slog. Some fairly questionable umpiring decisions. Certainly one Coburg player had a bit to say to the umpires as they walked off. And if body language says a lot then the coach might of as well. A 3-2-1: 3 - Shane Harvey 2 - Chris Hyde 1 - Michael Stevens
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