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Round 15 Frankston vs Coburg Tigers
DOLPHINS OUTLAST TIGERS IN DOUR STRUGGLE Frankston 3.0 5.7 6.9 9.13 (67) Coburg Tigers 4.3 6.4 7.9 9.9 (63) BEST: Frankston: Ablett Berry Skehan Roberts Murphy Winterton Coburg Tigers: Jackson Schultz Kuret Moore Randello Archibald SCORERS: Frankston: Berry 4.2, Clarke 3.0, Fortnam 1.1, Anstey 1.0, Pollard, Phibbs 0.2, Marigliani 0.1, RUSHED 0.4. Coburg Tigers: Moore 3.1, J.Houlihan 2.0, A.Raines, Pattison 1.1, Rayson, Archibald 1.0, Randello 0.2, Kuret, Gilmour, Foley 0.1, RUSHED 0.1 CROWD: 800 at Frankston Park Coburg got off to a great start kicking the first 2 goals as players tried to get used to the wet conditions before got on the board and from there on the game was close throughout. Before Frankston got on top late in the game kicking 3 goals to 1 to give them a 10 pt lead then Andrew Raines kicked a goal after the siren to make the margin 4 points. Michael Ablett was best for the Dolphins, JaySchulz best for the Coburg Tigers. Two injuries for Coburg today with Dean Limbach and Adam Pattison going down with serious ankle injuries. RESERVES Frankston 5.6 8.10 12.15 13.17 (95) Coburg Tigers 1.0 3.3 5.4 9.7 (61) BEST: Frankston: Mizzi Goldsack Barrand Morris Petracca Barry Coburg Tigers: Calma Strachan Caruso Edwards May Mullins SCORERS: Frankston: Morris 4.7, Molan, Burns 2.1, Mizzi 1.4, Barrand 1.2, Greenstreet, Lourey, Dunne 1.0, Beasy, Darcy 0.1 Coburg Tigers: Chambers 2.1, Calma 2.0, Mullins 1.2, Hurst 1.1, Caruso,Sandle,Baker 1.0, Strachan,Rajab 0.1, RUSHED 0.1 REPORTED PLAYERS: Frankston: B. Molloy (Frankston) for wrestling D. May Coburg Tigers). Coburg Tigers: D. May Coburg Tigers) for wrestling with B. Molloy (Frankston). Frankston Dominated this game from start to finish with Mizzi,Goldsack and Morris their best. For Coburg Tigers first gamer Calma(NT player from Under 18 Nationals), Strachan and Caruso were their best. All in All a great day for the Dolphins. An intersting note to both of todays games is both teams wore thier Alternate Uniforms with Frankston in their White Jumpers and Coburg in the West Perth style jumper, I believe their was some miscommunication between the clubs.
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