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VFL Round 17 Frankston v Coburg

Frankston 10.7 (67)
Coburg 11.9 (75)

Frankston: Gardiner 2 Wilsen 2 Pickess Prior Hockey Cavarra Wilson Cass
Coburg: Hill 3 Johns 2 O'Kearney Williams Venditti Younan Fox Thomas

Frankston: Hockey Newman Cavarra Pongracic Sutton Fox
Coburg: Fox Goodwin Clifton Linton McConnell Johns

Fantastic game of footy! Entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Frankston gave 100% all day and would be devastated not to have got over the line for Shane Hockey. Coburg dug deep when they had to and it was a great effort to get up and win after a poor first quarter.
The Dolphs looked much better with James Wilsen at full forward all day. Gave a good target for them and worked well with Gardner who once again took 3 sensational pack marks. Hockey tried his heart out and Josh Newman was outsanding, really lifted his intensity to last years levels, and Cavarra was his usual brilliant self, in and under packs all day taking plenty of wacks and bouncing straight back up again.
Big Tom Goodwin was sensational for Coburg, worked hard all day and marked everything that came near him. Ex Dolphin Jordy Williams didnt make it into Coburgs best but should have. Tagged Hockey in the first quarter then switched between Cavarra and Hockey for the rest of the day.What a nightmare that must have been for him. He did a great job and would have left many at Frankston wondering how he couldnt get a game there last year.
Great effort by both teams, and I can easily see Coburg being the big improver next year. They dont have to improve much to be a real force.

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