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2009/10 Victorian Premier Cricket Fixture released

For those interested

[B]Premier Cricket Fixture 2009/10 is out[/B]

The Premier Clubs last night voted to retain 15 rounds, thereby rejecting a proposal to include Twenty20 matches as part of the season's program. As a result, Premier Cricket's Twenty20 series will remain a stand-alone competition. A separate proposal to reduce the hours of play in 1sts and 2nds Two-Day matches was also rejected.

At the Cricket Victoria Delegates' meeting, the Premier Clubs voted 11/7 in favour of retaining basically the same format as 2008-09, comprising 15 rounds, with 8 two-dayers and 7 one-dayers. The Clubs voted 10/8 in favour of retaining the 100-overs per day, 11am - 6pm, with three two-hour sessions for 1sts and 2nds two-day matches. The Pennant Committee had put forward a 90-overs per day, 12 noon - 6pm proposal.

The Premier fixtures for 2009-10, released after the meeting, are listed below. With 18 Clubs and only 15 rounds, each club misses out on playing two other clubs during the season. This season the program has been structured to ensure that clubs play both of the teams they missed out on playing in 2008-09. Also, as much as possible, where a club played another club last season in a two-dayer, they will be drawn to play them in a one-dayer in 2009-10.

Fixtures for the stand-alone Twenty20 competition will be confirmed in the next few weeks.


ROUND 1 - Sat 3 October
Dandenong v St Kilda
Casey-SM v Carlton
North Melb v Frank Pen
Geelong v Fitz Donc
Northcote v Haw-Mon Uni
Ringwood v Cam Magpies
Melbourne v Foot-Edgewater
Prahran v Richmond
Melb Univ v Essendon

ROUND 2 - Sat 10 October
Dandenong v Melb Univ
St Kilda v Casey-SM
Carlton v North Melb
Frank Pen v Geelong
Fitz Donc v Northcote
Haw-Mon Uni v Ringwood
Cam Magpies v Melbourne
Foot-Edgewater v Prahran
Richmond v Essendon

ROUND 3 - Sat 17 October
Casey-SM v Dandenong
North Melb v St Kilda
Geelong v Carlton
Northcote v Frank Pen
Ringwood v Fitz Donc
Melbourne v Haw-Mon Uni
Prahran v Cam Magpies
Essendon v Foot-Edgewater
Melb Univ v Richmond

ROUND 4 - Sun 18 October
Dandenong v North Melb
St Kilda v Geelong
Carlton v Northcote
Frank Pen v Ringwood
Fitz Donc v Melbourne
Haw-Mon Uni v Prahran
Cam Magpies v Essendon
Foot-Edgewater v Richmond
Casey-SM v Melb Univ

ROUND 5 - Sat 24 October
Geelong v Dandenong
Northcote v St Kilda
Ringwood v Carlton
Melbourne v Frank Pen
Prahran v Fitz Donc
Essendon v Haw-Mon Uni
Richmond v Cam Magpies
Melb Univ v Foot-Edgewater
North Melb v Casey-SM

ROUND 6 - Sats 31 October & 7 November
Dandenong v Northcote
St Kilda v Ringwood
Carlton v Melbourne
Frank Pen v Prahran
Fitz Donc v Essendon
Haw-Mon Uni v Richmond
Cam Magpies v Foot-Edgewater
Casey-SM v Geelong
North Melb v Melb Univ

RESERVE DAY - Sun 8 November

ROUND 7 - Sats 14 & 21 November
Ringwood v Dandenong
Melbourne v St Kilda
Prahran v Carlton
Essendon v Frank Pen
Richmond v Fitz Donc
Foot-Edgewater v Haw-Mon Uni
Melb Univ v Cam Magpies
Northcote v Casey-SM
Geelong v North Melb

ROUND 8 - Sat 28 & Sun 29 November
Dandenong v Melbourne
St Kilda v Prahran
Carlton v Essendon
Frank Pen v Richmond
Fitz Donc v Foot-Edgewater
Haw-Mon Uni v Cam Magpies
Casey-SM v Ringwood
North Melb v Northcote
Geelong v Melb Univ

ROUND 9 - Sats 5 & 12 December
Prahran v Dandenong
Essendon v St Kilda
Richmond v Carlton
Foot-Edgewater v Frank Pen
Cam Magpies v Fitz Donc
Melb Univ v Haw-Mon Uni
Melbourne v Casey-SM
Ringwood v North Melb
Northcote v Geelong

ROUND 10 - Sat 19 December
Dandenong v Essendon
St Kilda v Richmond
Carlton v Foot-Edgewater
Frank Pen v Cam Magpies
Fitz Donc v Haw-Mon Uni
Geelong v Ringwood
North Melb v Melbourne
Casey-SM v Prahran
Melb Univ v Northcote

ROUND 11 - Sat 9 January (Country Round)
Richmond v Dandenong
Foot-Edgewater v St Kilda
Cam Magpies v Carlton
Haw-Mon Uni v Frank Pen
Fitz Donc v Melb Univ
Essendon v Casey-SM
Prahran v North Melb
Melbourne v Geelong
Ringwood v Northcote

ROUND 12 - Sats 16 & 23 January
Dandenong v Foot-Edgewater
St Kilda v Cam Magpies
Carlton v Haw-Mon Uni
Frank Pen v Fitz Donc
Northcote v Melbourne
Geelong v Prahran
North Melb v Essendon
Casey-SM v Richmond
Melb Univ v Ringwood

One-Day Semi Finals - Sun 24 January

ROUND 13 - Sats 30 January & 6 February
Cam Magpies v Dandenong
Haw-Mon Uni v St Kilda
Fitz Donc v Carlton
Frank Pen v Melb Univ
Foot-Edgewater v Casey-SM
Richmond v North Melb
Essendon v Geelong
Prahran v Northcote
Melbourne v Ringwood

One-Day Final - Sun 7 February

ROUND 14 - Sats 13 & 20 February
Dandenong v Haw-Mon Uni
St Kilda v Fitz Donc
Carlton v Frank Pen
Ringwood v Prahran
Northcote v Essendon
Geelong v Richmond
North Melb v Foot-Edgewater
Casey-SM v Cam Magpies
Melb Univ v Melbourne

ROUND 15 - Sats 27 February & 6 March
Fitz Donc v Dandenong
Frank Pen v St Kilda
Carlton v Melb Univ
Haw-Mon Uni v Casey-SM
Cam Magpies v North Melb
Foot-Edgewater v Geelong
Richmond v Northcote
Essendon v Ringwood
Prahran v Melbourne

Quarter Finals - Sat 13 & Sun 14 March
Semi Finals - Sat 20 & Sun 21 March
Final (1sts) - Fri 26, Sat 27 & Sun 28 March (Res Mon 29 March)
Final (2nds, 3rds, 4ths) - Sat 27 & Sun 28 March